If you want your husband to be in your control, then first of all look for those habits which your husband does not like, those habits can be anything like your husband does not like you to talk much, your husband wants that You convince your mistake etc. So whatever habit your husband does not like, you should try to leave all those habits.

  1. Husband Wife accepts the fact of the thinking

Give respect to the decision of others and do some work according to the mind of others. Somebody has said that the one who bends is the one who has life, the stout is the identity of the dead.

  1. Husband Wife Respect Each Other

Never delay in saying sorry r thanks – accept your mistakes and try not to repeat that mistake again and again and if your partner does something for you, then definitely feel gratitude for it.

  1. Never talk to your partner with a taunt

If you do not like something in your partner, then talk to him directly. You cannot change it by dying a taunt from someone else, but it will become a resistance for you in the mind of your partner.

  1. Husband Wife Ignore Each Other’s Small Talks

No person is perfect, so forgive each other’s small mistakes. Try to make them correct by putting efforts into them. These tips are helpful to make things work in favor and you can also use muslim vashikaran solution.

  1. Take care of each other’s likes and dislikes

It seems a very small thing to take care of each other’s choice but 90% of the people do not do it. If we do this one thing, then many fights will end.

  1. Husband Wife give respect to each other’s parents

It is often seen that the daughter-in-law has a lot of trouble with her mother-in-law, so she takes out all the frustration on her husband. Your mother is like this, you are also like your mother etc, and husband starts blaming her mother or family for doing anything wrong to the wife. All these things said or not, the husband brings distance between the husband. Therefore, do not do wrong language about each other’s parents. If you have anything to say, then tell it directly.

  1. Husband Wife Be Loyal For Each Other

Whatever relationship you have in the past, having a relationship with someone other than your wife or husband after marriage can not only spoil your married life but can also spoil the future of your children. If you have any husband wife problems then talk to him openly. Do not think that you should understand to get it.



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