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Everyone has a desired one in their life, all want to spend whole life with that one, but it not much easier as think, to make a relation work- consent of both the people is essential, but how to make the desired one in love and make them agree to exist in their life, So here is mantra to make someone fall in love with you. Making someone in love is a bit of difficult task because one thing is that how to confess love feeling and second is that, another one also has perspective about their life. So this is the reason some of the couples aren’t making the desired one in love, however, some of can get just because of having good lucks.

But you are from those, who indeed in love with your desired one and can’t imagine your life without that one then you have to take help of Muslim astrology specialist, so that they will recommend you apt remedies by which, your desired one will attract towards you and gradually, that attraction will change into love. So rapidly consult with a specialist and enjoy your rest of life with your desired one.

How to keep harmony alive in a Relationship

Sweeteners and Bitterness are aspects of a relation; the couple has to cognize to deal with that thing to make all things smooth in a relation. Although, many couples smoothly deal with ups and downs and keep everything alright in a relation. But what about those couple, who want to make their relation smooth work but not able to deal with complication, and seeking solution of how to keep harmony alive in a relationship, if you also counted from those people then you have to consult with Muslim astrologer, they will recommend you apt remedies to get overcome of issues and make your relation work.








If a person genuinely loves their beloved then they never wants to get separate from their beloved and this is the reason they always tries to find out the answer of Question that how to keep healthy relationship with your loved one? and finding the answer of this Question is little bit tricky because ever person have their own opinions and reason of that may be their opinion don’t gets match with  your solution. But don’t get fed up, we are here with the proper solution of your problems but before giving the solution we wants to suggest one thing to you that you are the one who knows your relationship and your lover more then someone else and reason of that firstly make try to get the solution according to your opinions that what you thinks about your love life and if you are the one who have complaint that you have tried everything but you are not satisfied by your trying and you are fail in everything then in that situation nothing will be the best option then Muslim astrology for you. Muslim astrology has answer of your every problem and with the help he make help you to make your relationship same like a heaven.

Kamdev mantra to make your partner more into you

It’s a true thing that when you are in love relationship and love your partner too-too much then you never wants to get far from your p artner in any of condition. So this is the reason we are suggesting you to take help of Kamdev mantra to make your partner more into you. After using this mantra your partner will get crazy for you and never wants to leave you no matter what will be the situation.





Money is really one of the most important things to survive the life, not only that much even for completing each dream of life you are compulsory to live the life. But there of lots of people in the world who are going through financial or money problems but have no option that what to do and how to resolve it, are you also the one  who is going through this situation then we want to suggest you to take help of Abundance moon spell for money problem. Abundance moon spell is a kind of mantra which is uses in  the full moon night because it is the belief of astrologer that in the fool moon night the power of the mantra or tantra gets increase and get twice powerful. So this is the reason we want to suggest you to use this mantra for solving your money problem. When you cast the spell for solving the money problems in moon night it will give you powerful and fruitful result that your money problems get resolved from the root and you become rich and can complete your any of desires.   So what are you waiting for make consult to our astrologer and get to know that how to use this abundance moon spell.

Moon spells for becoming rich and gets billionaire

Who is the person in the world who doesn’t want to get rich and billionaire? Actually, there is no one who doesn’t want this. Every person wants to become rich but getting rich is not the easiest thing because for becoming rich you need hard work and good destiny, anyone can make hard work but having a good destiny is not possible for everyone.  So this is the reason we suggest you to use Moon spell for becoming rich and get billionaire.





Many of woman have problems with their husbands that they are dating someone else back to her and cause of that he is not paying attention toward her and a wife always wants to know that How to get my husband back from another woman. Ladies are very stronger enough to deal with any kind of problems but when the reason is cheating or ditching by her husband, she get broken down because she doesn’t ask or hope for anything from her husband she needs one thing which is trust, faith and loyalty and when her she not get this, she lost herself. Especially in Indian tradition husbands are everything for a lady she lives for him and dies for him and when in this situation she get cheating on her she has no path that how to deal with a problem. If you are also a lady who is in the same situation and wants to get back your husband in your life again then you can consult to us. By using of several of Muslim astrology tactics our astrologer Moulana ji help you.

How to solve problems of married life

When two people live each other then it’s just impossible that their conflicts would not arises. Because ups and downs are the rule of life which always gives us a lesson to live a life in a good manner and make us stronger. If we talk about husband wife relation, that there are umpteen count of a reason for conflicts Because husband wife relations is not just in between two people it’s a relation of the family, children and relatives also. And when these much of people are included in the relation then obviously conflicts arise. Many of couples have a good understanding and they understand the time dignity of the relation but many of people have no idea that how to deal up with the problems and cause of this misunderstandings and conflicts arises in relation. Do you want to know that How to solve problems of married life? Then take help of Muslim astrology and help yourself to make your married life between and happier.