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We all know that marriage works best when there is love, compatibility, and understanding between the husband and wife. In marriage life, things just seem beautiful in the beginning but after some time of the marriage the love and understanding start fading away and distances start looming over the relationship. For this reason, these kinds of distances implement the fights and disputes between the husband wife relationship. If you are also facing issues in the husband wife relationship then perform dua and istikhara for love marriage couple.

It is very helpful and powerful way to bring the husband and wife closer. For the reason this husband and wife love dua will work best for the people who are living far away from their partner due to several work problems and other reason. On the other hand, if you are thinking that your husband is losing interest in you or taking you for the granted then you can take the help of the dua to bring husband wife closer.

What is the process of performing husband and wife dua?

For the process of performing this dua, you can take any sweet of your choice or you can also take some almonds. After doing this recite the “Bismillahir Rahman Nir Rahim” 700 times. After reciting the dua blow on the sweet or almonds that you have used in performing the ritual of dua and give it to your partner.

Dua is considered as one of the best solutions to bring the husband and wife closer to each other. It provides easy to perform but has immense benefits and results. Whenever you will perform this dua perform with the pure mind and pure intention. If you want to take help then consult a specialist in love marriage. After it, you will able to see the results in few days. If you want to get the best results then be consistent in your ritual and perform the ritual with faith in Allah.

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This is the desire of each and every lover that he or she wants to have a successful married life with their partner. They pray for the successful relationship and as they put effort into their life. If you are looking for tips to transform your relationship under the healthy and content marital life, then it is necessary that you should recite strong and effective wazifa for the success in your love marriage life. With the help of the wazifa one can able to all-powerful and it will help you to make your life heaven in this world with your spouse or partner.

On the other hand, there are some of the people who are afraid that their chosen partner may not be proven compatible or capable according to their parents. Then they should recite the wazifa for success in love marriage. For the reason, wazifa will make your relationship not just successful but both of you will love each other till the day of your life. This is an effective remedy for those who are scared about whether their marriage will run or not. You should recite the wazifa with the full faith and determination to get success in love marriage.

Strong Wazifa for Love Marriage

Nowadays people have their enemies and they are creating problems in their love marriage and this is the reason due to which marriage ruins. At that time one can use strong wazifa to get success in their love marriage and protect their marital bond from breaking. It helps to secure your relationship from the black magic and evil eyes. A person who is seeking the wazifa for love solution can easily get it to make successful love marriage from our Muslim astrologer. Muslim Vashikaran Expert will provide you one of the best dua for success in love marriage is “Ya Ghaniyu”.

You have to recite this dua daily at 100 times for all your life to maintain the love, prosperity, and happiness in your relationship. Thus there will be no day when you will thank Allah for the blessings for such a loving and caring partner. Our remedies are very powerful and will definitely help all those who are wishing to have a loving and successful married life with the partner.

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Love is the most beautiful thing in the world when the couples are truly in love with each other. They decided to get married to the same person which is not easy. We all know that marriage is the amalgamation of the two souls or essence. But the love marriage is still a big issue in the middle of or against the people. For the reason or because of that love marriage is still not acknowledged or accepted by the many people in many areas of our country. But people think that love marriage gives the awful or bad norms to society.

If you are also facing problems in your love marriage and want to resolve the problems and conflicts or want to convenience your parents for the love marriage or for to make you approval to do marriage of your choice then you can opt a vashikaran method to get the solution and to resolve your all the love marriage problems in a short span of time or in short period of time. His clients are across the globe or the universe. Therefore, there are many problems that can be eliminated with the help of our vashikaran specialist astrologer.

His service is so genuine and convenient which is easily affordable by each and every one. Our vashikaran specialist astrologer is a very famous or well- knowledge or a well- known personality in his field of astrology or in all aspects of astrology. Our vashikaran specialist astrologer is a rich and expertise in resolving the conflicts from people’s life with the help of his vashikaran techniques and tactics by providing the fruitful result of their all the problems infrequent or effective in manner or in short span of time.

Get a magical result:

Love Spell Specialist implements the best spell that better for the love marriage. All the mantra and techniques which are used by our vashikaran specialist astrologer knows and uses the techniques and ways to execute the spell. All the mantra which is used by our vashikaran specialist astrologer is always used by him for the right purposes if the techniques and manta are ever used for the wrong purposes then the effect of these all the things will be ridiculous and worse.

The magic charm is extensively consumed for management the tricky problems without difficulty and keeps out easily in one’s life. The professional give mantra for a different god. You can make use of mantras like Ganesha mantra, Krishna mantra, Parvati mantra, and others. With the help of this mantra, you can get married to your desired person easily by reciting the mantra in front of your favorite god.

Solve the problems:        

Om ham gam joom vashya vashya swaha, Our vashikaran specialist tells that at the time you are chanting or recite this mantra you should have to follow the right procedure and the right time to chant this mantra. And you should also not forget about its right solutions and better or good effects on people’s life.

  • You should have to clean the place first when it comes to chanting the mantra
  • You can recite this mantra with all the practice at any day
  • You should have to choose a peaceful and calm place to recite or chanting this mantra
  • After reciting this mantra you will get an effective solution to your problem in a short span of time.

You can resolve you’re all the problems and conflicts and all the problems which are leading in your love marriage path or in your love marriage life with the help of this mantra or to get the better solution you can contact to our vashikaran specialist astrologer.      

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Keeping fun, eager and spark of love in a marriage are a harder because overtime of marriage couple has a pressure of daily works, social activities and other responsibility and less time to spend with their spouse. That’s the reason spark of love and affection is fade away from a relationship. So if you want to keep your marriage as beginning then keep a spark of love alive in a marriage with Ishtikhara.  However, sustain love alive in a relationship isn’t hard as much couple thinks after it fades away because it totally depends on the couple’s mutual understanding.  If they good understanding then they can easily resolve issues but if they haven’t then they can’t think about mending a relationship and keep love alive. But if you are in this critical situation then you no need to worries because Muslim astrologer   provides powerful Ishtikhara.  Ishtikhara has the power to resolve all type of issues and make all things possible, no matter its possible or not. So take help of Ishtikhara and sustain spark of love alive in your marriage.

Ishtikhara to get back happiness in a marriage

Many ups and downs come in a marriage, sometimes conflict lead out happiness and faith from marriage. There are lots of reason to get out happiness and faith from marriage, couples might don’t have a good understanding of each other therefore their marriage comes at this stage. some of the couples unfortunate get apart to each other but if you ever face this situation in your married life then rapidly make a consult with a Muslim astrology, they will suggest you Ishtikhara to get back happiness in a marriage.  Ishtikhara is an ancient way to resolve all type of issues and provide favorable and fruitful results, so expeditiously make a consult with a Moulana ji and enjoy your married life with lots of joy and happiness.




Are you the lady who is feeling some difference in your husband’s nature that your husband is behaving abnormal and he is not the one who he was in actual? Then don’t take this thing lightly maybe this all is happing causes of some bad energies or may be the cause of vashikaran. Do you want to know that how to remove Vashikaran from husband? Then you are at right place we are here to help you. vashikaran mantra is actually an tactic which is uses by the people for grabbing the mind of anyone so it may be possible that someone is there who is enemy of your husband or may be possible that someone have jealously from your happy husband wife relations and cause of taking revenge purpose or cause of jealous purpose they have to make control over your husband’s mind and resultant your husband is behaving abnormally. So before it gets late take help of our Moulana Ji, who will help you to remove all the issues and make help you to get your husband back in your life for once again.

How to Remove Vashikaran from husband By Muslim Maulana

How to keep save husband from another lady

There are lots of ladies or wives in the world who is having this Question in their mind that How to keep save husband from other ladies? Because as everyone knows that husband lives all day out from the home so in that they get in contact with many of ladies which is not a big deal but from among of them it may be possible that cause of your husband’s behavior, nature or by his smartness someone get attracted towards him and try to attract him towards her. So in that all if you have little of doubt to your husband that your husband is in contact with another lady, take immediate action on it because you don’t know that when a bit of mistake can become bigger. For help, you can make consult to our Muslim Astrologer Moulana Ji also.



it is must get busy in office or business schedule but it’s not mean that you forget your married life or personal life. Because everything is mandatory in life and if you forget to give time to your personal life or married life cause of your business life, then your personal life and married life will get disturbed and at the end, everything gets finished and the relationship gets spoil. Are you the one who is going through this situation and reason of that wants to know that How to make wife fall in love with you again after separation? Then you are at a perfect place we are here to make help you. Many of the time it happens in relations that cause of busy schedule of husband’s they forget to give time to their wife and reason of that problems start arising in between husband wife and cause of problems relationship get on the step of divorce. But don’t worry you can get your wife back with the help of Muslim astrology, there are various of tactics are defined in the Muslim astrology by using which you can easily make your wife fall in love with you again.

How to convince wife who wants to get separate but I don’t

In a husband-wife relationship both are the important part and both plays a vital role for each other and mistake of one person is enough to create problems in the relationship. But most of the time it happens that wife doesn’t react too much to their husband’s mistakes but when things get beyond of here limits then she reacts on it. Are you the husband who wants to know that How to convince wife who wants to get separate but I don’t? Then you should take help of our astrologer Moulana Ji.


Getting love marriage with the desired one that sounds good but the sake of society and orthodox thinking of the people couples can’t get love marriage.  If you are the one, want to get love marriage with your desired one then you should take help of Dua to get married with beloved.

Dua is a powerful and strong technique of Islamic that can easily resolve issues of the people no matter how long people trapped in it and how much tricky issues are. Whenever you’ll take help of Dua your parents will consent from love marriage without thinking about society and other people’s who taunt to love couples. This will happen with like miracle. So to take help of Dua you have to consult with Muslim vashikaran specialist.

Our specialist has highly and intuitive knowledge of astrological and many mantra and techniques that easily resolve all type of issues and provide a favorable and fruitful result to the people.  So after using of Dua, everything will work as you want.

Dua to Sustain Love Alive In Love Life

Keeping love alive in a relationship is tricky because relation goes through many ups and downs, therefore, survive love and harmony in a relationship as before is tricky. Although, lots of the couples can easily deal with conflict and crisis while another couple can’t sake of lack of understanding or lack of love.  If you find from those couples, love and harmony are going to fade then you should take help of a specialist.

Our specialist will recommend you powerful and strong remedies through which love, harmony, and affection will rekindle in your life along with crisis and conflict will get out from your life forever. So instant take help of a specialist to take Dua and enjoy your life with affection and joy.

Everyone goes through issues in their life, however, it different thing some of the people easily gets out of perturbed while another is not this is why couples go through issues and life becomes worse.  If you ever go through family disputes then here is Islamic mantra to get out of family disputes. 

Islamic mantra is powerful and strong techniques of Islamic which can resolve all type of issues in short period of time no matter how many issues are tricky and how long people are entangled in it. Around the world there are lots of the people has taken avail of the Islamic mantra and all people are satisfied with that thing.  So if you seem that your families disputes are ever growing day by day and you are not able to solve issues on your behalf then you should take help of the Muslim astrology specialist. They have knowledge of many mantras and tantra so whenever you will go to the shelter of them, will recommend you powerful and strong mantra through which you issues get faded from your life whatever it is major or minor like a miracle.

Islamic mantra to keep negative energies away from life

Negative energies and evil spirit can ruin a people live. A cause of negative enrages people go through lots of issues in their life and can’t even imagine why their life is going through rock road.  If the same thing is going with you, something is going wrong with you which are not understandable then you need to take help of astrology specialist.  They will recommend you powerful and strong remedies of Islamic through which all negative and evil spirit impact will eliminate and your life go the way you want along with love, harmony and affection will rekindle in your life as had in your life.



Marriage is a true commitment of couples to stay happier and healthier together in every moment of life, whether it’s rock or lovely. Unfortunates some couples can’t deal with issues, therefore, life turn towards worse and result of love get faded and relation broke down. If you are in such a situation then here is White magic to keep love alive in marriage. 

White Magic spell is one used for fulfilling basic needs of people’s without a help of negative or evil spirit, this brings happiness and harmony in people life and keeps away conflict from a relation, whether a situation is it.

If you seem that love get fizzle out from your relation, not able to keep it alive then take help of White Magic spell with help of Muslim astrology specialist.   After using a magic spell, harmony, affection, and love will rekindle in your life and conflict and crisis will away from your life as well. As per my personal opinion, you should consult with a specialist at once take avail of spell instantly.

White magic spells to husband love back


Marriage works optimally when both people have love and affection to each other, if they haven’t they can’t make it work for long lasting.  Once a while, some situation, arise therefore one of the partners get out of love and seem useless to survive. If you are the one lady who husbands get out of love, you wanna to get his love back then here is a White magic spell that will make your help to make all things possible.  Let’s take help of White magic spell you must take help of Muslim astrology specialist, make them call and survive your marriage for long lasting.




The husband and wife relation is pretty much beautiful that connect lots of relation as well. Both commit for healthier and wonderful life but once a while, something went wrong cause of that, love eliminated from that. To keep that thing in our mind our Moulana ji suggest Dua for love between Husband and Wife so that all couples can enjoy their healthier and lovely life with affection as the first place.

If any of you are in such a complicated situation, your married life is not working as you want, love affection and harmony vanish from your life then you should take help of astrology specialist They have high and deeper knowledge of Islamic mantra and tantra, has resolved lots of issues of the peoples as well.  When you go in a shelter of them, will recommend you Dua; these best techniques to resolve all type of issues without impacting and harming people. Whenever you take it, yours married life work optimally as you want; love, harmony, and affection rekindle in your life as well.

Dua to sustain harmony alive in Married Life

Dua is the purest way to resolve all type of issues from human beings life, whether it is major or minor, provide a fruitful result as well. If you are such couples, whose married life is not working as you had, want to keep harmony alive then you should take help of Astrologer to take help of Dua. When you’ll take help of Dua, you’ll see miracles that How beautiful your relationship is, love and harmony will be alive in your life, no matter how much tricky situation your marriage will go. So as per advice let’s take help of it and enjoy your life as you want.