The husband and wife relation is pretty much beautiful that connect lots of relation as well. Both commit for healthier and wonderful life but once a while, something went wrong cause of that, love eliminated from that. To keep that thing in our mind our Moulana ji suggest Dua for love between Husband and Wife so that all couples can enjoy their healthier and lovely life with affection as the first place.

If any of you are in such a complicated situation, your married life is not working as you want, love affection and harmony vanish from your life then you should take help of astrology specialist They have high and deeper knowledge of Islamic mantra and tantra, has resolved lots of issues of the peoples as well.  When you go in a shelter of them, will recommend you Dua; these best techniques to resolve all type of issues without impacting and harming people. Whenever you take it, yours married life work optimally as you want; love, harmony, and affection rekindle in your life as well.

Dua to sustain harmony alive in Married Life

Dua is the purest way to resolve all type of issues from human beings life, whether it is major or minor, provide a fruitful result as well. If you are such couples, whose married life is not working as you had, want to keep harmony alive then you should take help of Astrologer to take help of Dua. When you’ll take help of Dua, you’ll see miracles that How beautiful your relationship is, love and harmony will be alive in your life, no matter how much tricky situation your marriage will go. So as per advice let’s take help of it and enjoy your life as you want.



Black Magic is really one of the most dangerous kinds of magic in the world, which once casted on someone then removal of this magic has really become harder and removal of black magic is only possible with the help of Muslim astrology only. If you or your any known is suffering from this kind of magic then you should immediately take help of Muslim tactic for black magic removal. Muslim astrology is the only one which can remove black magic effect because Muslim religion and Muslim astrology is the origin of black magic. There are various of tactics are defined in the Muslim astrology which will help people to remove black magic from the victim but the thing you should remember is that never ever try to use black magic removal by your own selves because black magic is not easiest thing to learn it needs years of study and experiments and as being of normal human being you don’t have these experience and study so reason of that for removal of black magic take help of specialist other it not only harm victim even can harm you also. So if you want then you can make consult to our astrologer Moulana Ji and can help yourselves or anyone to get rid of a black magic spell.

Dua to Remove Black Magic Spell

as everyone knows that when bad energies like black magic exist in the world then, on the other hand, good energies also resides in the world which help people to keep safer themselves from the bad energies. So for all the people who are suffering from the black magic spell then we want to suggest those all to take help of Dua to Remove Black Magic Spell. Dua is the best way to deal with the difficult problem because dua has power of Allah which helps you to remove black magic easily.




The marriage relationship is really a one of the beautiful relationships in the world but as other relationship, some problems and some conflicts are taking place in this relationship also. Many of married couple are surviving for finding the answer to this Question that How to survive marriage relationship during conflicts? but they trying and trying but not getting exact solution because it’s really not the easiest thing because love marriage is a fragile kind of relationship so cause of that you can’t take any of decision just for spite, you should be careful before going to take any decision because a bit of mistake can convert into big one easily. so if you are also the one who is going through the same condition and wants to know the answer to this Question then take help of Moulana Ji, who will help you to get know about the exact and fruitful solution of your problems. With the help of Moulana Ji, you can easily make help yourself for solve out all the conflicts, problems, and misunderstanding from the relationship. It is true that a small conflict when to get bigger you never know and when it can convert into the biggest problems you never know about this also. So for that, we want you to suggest you to take help of Muslim remedies for that.


Dua to Reconcile Faith Problems in Marriage

faith is a backbone for any of relationship and when faith gets vanish from the relationship then there is no worth of that relationship and when you are talking about the marriage life then you should be more careful because when trust, believe or faith gets disappear from the relationship then the relationship is like wastage or a garbage. Are you the couple who wants to make faith alive or reconcile in your relationship? Then take help of Dua to Reconcile Faith Problems in Marriage.  



Every human being has a dream to become Rich but getting rich is not a game, that anyone can play and get rich in just overnight. For getting rich, a person has to do lots of hard work and as well as he needs the best fortune or luck. But what to do when a person don’t have good fortune? Hamesha Dolat Mand Rehne ki Dua is a solution for those people. Many of the people are those who have done lot’s of hard work in their life but still cause of lack of good luck they are not getting success to get their desire to become the richest person in the world. So for those kinds of people, Muslim astrology is here to help. Muslim astrology has lots of strategy and tactics by siphoning which you can complete you any kind of whishes and desires and Dua is one of the best from this, Dua is a way to offer your prayer to Allah and by offering you prayer you can lay before you desires in front of god.

Shoharat pane ke liye Dua

Shoharat is mean to Name and Fame and a person who has name and fame can never have to bow in front of anyone ever. By having named and fame a person can get his own identity in society, family as well as in world also so because of that everyone wants to get Name and fame. But do you think so that getting that Shoharat is an easy thing? No, really a big no to getting that Shoharat a man should have lots of fortune and which is not necessary that everyone has that fortune in their life. So now what to do to make this desire and dream true? You should use Shoharat pane ke liye Dua. By the Dua tactic you can get impress Allah with you and can make them agree to help you to make your this dream come true.



Dua to remove black is a very highly preferable magic which is mostly used by the people. Black magic is very strong kind of magic which is strong enough to take the life of the person and the person who is affected from black magic is totally lost his control on himself because black magic is fully powered with the supernatural power and when evil spirits cast on someone then it never leave person and totally make disturb his life. But god is the only one who has the power to remove the black magic and, dua is the medium which helps us to deliver our prayer to god.

Dua for black magic breaking

When we believe in god then it is must to believe in evil spirits also because when there are good powers alive in the world at the same hand bad powers have also resided here. That the reason, evil spirits can handle only by using of good sprit which is a god. When a person got effect form black magic then Dua is the finest way to save the life of victim form black magic because black magic never exempts the victim’s life once it was applied on anyone it just has the motive to take the life of a person, therefore, people prefer Dua for black magic breaking.


Cure for black magic by Quran

Muslim astrology is one of the powerful astrology which has given lots of astrology techniques to the world, to help the people in their difficult situation. Quran itself consist lots of tactics from among of them black magic removal is very important. People can Cures for black magic by Quran; Quran has given the remedies like Dua, Wazifa, istikhara, ibadat etc for the people who is facing the problem of black magic and wants to get cure form it.